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Canalway Trail Advisories

Partial Trail Restriction at Lock E27, Lyons: Please be advised that due to routine maintenance work at Lock E27 in Lyons, there will be a partial trail restriction under the Leach Road Bridge. A temporary physical barrier will be put in place to keep trail-users at a safe distance from construction activities. Bicyclists are advised to walk their bikes through this section while the barrier is in place. The trail will not be closed but restricted to approximately half its normal width for 4-6 weeks beginning January 9, 2023. Also, please be aware that the Contractor will be mobilizing/demobilizing equipment in the area for short durations during this time frame.

“Trail Closure in Oriskany between Thomas Rd. and Reber Rd: A culvert under the Canalway Trail near Thomas Road in Oriskany washed out during a winter storm. The wash out damaged the trail, making it unsafe for users. A detour between Thomas Road and Reber Rd. has been put in place. Given the scale of the project to replace the culvert and repair the trail we do not anticipate the trail to be open until Fall of 2023.

The Erie Canalway Trail from Utica to Rome is closed due to flood damage. The trail is barricaded while Canal Corporation crews assess the condition of the trail. Further updates will be provided.