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Upstate Flood Mitigation Task Force

Originally created by the New York State Legislature in 2017 and amended in 2022 under Article XIII-B, Section 139-c (1) of the Canal Law, the Upstate Flood Mitigation Task Force will identify and recommend reasonable measures that can be taken to enhance flood management and mitigation along the Erie Canal and designates Canal Corporation Director Brian U. Stratton as chair of the task force.

The task force will explore the cost or impact of flooding along the Erie Canal over the last five years to agriculture, transportation, infrastructure, land use, public health, insurance, tourism, recreation, and power generation. In addition, the task force will assess the Canal system operation, procedures and plans that may impact flood mitigation and management and identify adaptive measures, with costs, that could be executed to mitigate flood damages. The task force will prepare a report by July 1, 2023, to publicly site its findings.

Task Force Members

The task force is comprised of nine members including the Canal Corporation Director (chair), Commissioner of the Department of Transportation, Director of the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation, and five additional members – three appointed by Governor, one by the temporary president of the Senate, and one by the Assembly Speaker.

Resource Materials

Task Force Report

Recorded Meetings

Archived Meetings

You can also access the archive of the meeting the following day. The archived copy will be available for thirty days and will be available upon request for an additional three months. Please click on the link to view Archived Meetings.

Meeting Minutes

Canal Corp. Meeting Minutes are available in the Library.