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How to Do Business with the Canal Corporation

The Canal Corporation seeks a wide range of products and services from an equally wide range of suppliers. Vendors include small businesses and organizations of all sizes and walks of life.  

The Corporation continues to demand excellence from its vendors and high-quality goods and services. The Canal Corporation can not maintain its strong reputation without the services that vendors provide.

The Canal Corporation believes its procurement system is fair, competitive and accountable, and benefits both buyer and seller. For questions or to add your company's name to the list of Canal Corporation suppliers, please contact our Purchasing office at 518-436-2736.

Goods and Services

The Corporation buys numerous goods and services. Purchases usually fall into one of three categories:

  1. Professional/ Consulting
    - Engineering
    - Architectural
    - Financial
    - Environmental
    - Management
  1. Materials/ Supplies/ Services
    - Vehicles
    - Building Supplies
    - Refuse Disposal
    - Automotive Parts
    - Maintenance
    - Tools
    - Uniforms
    - Computer Equipment/Supplies
    - Equipment Supplies/Repairs
    - Office Supplies/Equipment
  1. Construction/ Rehabilitation
    - Highway
    - Building
    - Bridge
    - Canals

Become a vendor for the Corporation

Like any large organization, the approval process can take time and, because the Canal Corporation is a public benefit corporation, it is required by law to follow certain procedures that may differ from private sector practices. However, these procedures are designed to ensure a fair, competitive and accountable purchase system.

Because the Canal Corporation is a subsidiary of the Thruway Authority, the Corporation's purchasing process is handled through the Thruway Authority's Purchasing Office (518-436-2736). The Supplier Management Office (518-433-4990) maintains three lists consisting of vendors who have expressed an interest in working for, or selling to, the Authority/Corporation.

  1. Professional/Consulting
    This list contains information obtained from firms that file Federal General Services Administration SF254 and SF255 forms. A firm that meets the Authority/Corporation's professional requirements is invited to submit a proposal for a particular project. If a price is successfully negotiated, then an agreement is executed. If negotiations are not successful, then the Authority/Corporation invites another firm to submit a proposal. Bidding is not part of this procurement procedure.

    Annually, the Authority/Corporation issues a general advertisement concerning its needs for professional services in large-circulation newspapers and trade journals. The Authority/Corporation also advertises individual projects in the New York State Contract Reporter Leaving NYS Canal's Website . A copy of the Federal 254 and 255 forms can be found on the Thruway Authority's website Leaving NYS Canal's Website .

  2. Construction/Rehabilitation
    Contracts of this type must, by law, be let by the competitive bidding process.

    In these instances, the Corporation advertises in newspapers in the county(s) where the work will be done, in the New York State Contract Reporter Leaving NYS Canal's Website and in construction trade journals. The Association of General Contractors, Construction Contractors Association, Construction Industry Council, Dodge Reports and Eastern Contractors Association are also notified.

    In addition, the Authority posts construction contract information in the business section. You can obtain a listing of available contracts for bidding under the Thruway Projects and Plans Sales section Leaving NYS Canal's Website .

    The Authority also posts Thruway Bid Results Leaving NYS Canal's Website . Simply select the project number you are interested in and it will direct you to that project's bid page.

    Plans and proposals are available for inspection at the Authority's Headquarters in Albany and Division Offices in Buffalo, Syracuse and Tarrytown. The plans may be inspected at these offices at no cost, or purchased for a nominal fee.

  3. Materials/Supplies/Services
    The Corporation procures a wide variety of items through the Authority's Purchasing Office. These items range from 10-wheel dump trucks to thumb tacks. Contracts vary from yearly open-purchase orders to fixed-price itemized supply contracts. Small procurements can be done by telephone solicitation while major procurements are advertised and bid.

    For major purchases, the Corporation/Authority advertises in local and national newspapers, the New York State Contract Reporter Leaving NYS Canal's Website and trade journals. The Supplier Management Office maintains a record of vendors categorized by what the vendor supplies. Invitations for bids are sent to vendors who match the items for which bids are sought.

    Call the Supplier Management Office at (518-433-4990) for a free application (Form TA-3254).

Will I be paid promptly for my work?

The Corporation acts as quickly as possible to ensure its vendors and contractors are paid promptly. The Corporation complies with the Thruway Authority's prompt payment regulations set forth in 21 NYCRR Part 109.

Are disadvantaged, minority and women-owned firms given a fair chance?

The Corporation/Authority has an outstanding Disadvantaged/Minority/Women-Owned Business Enterprise Program (D/M/WBE) and these businesses are encouraged to do business with the Corporation.

On construction and engineering contracts valued at $500,000 or more, the Corporation/Authority establishes D/M/WBE goals that the prime contractors are encouraged to meet by subcontracting to approved D/M/WBE firms.

To obtain more information on the D/M/WBE program, contact the Authority's Compliance Specialist at (518) 436-3080 or visit the Authority's website Leaving NYS Canal's Website .

Forms and Guidelines