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Employment Opportunities

Tug Captain


The New York State Canal Corporation has a full-time, permanent vacancy for a Tug Captain position in our Buffalo Division/Albion Floating Plant location.  The Captain supervises the operation and maintenance of a steam or diesel tug; moves and places derrick boats, dredges, and scows in connection with canal maintenance operations; may be assigned ice breaking duties; supervises a crew and is responsible for their food and lodging.

This a 40 hour per week position that pays between $18 to $25.62 per hour.  The incumbent must be available to work weekends and there is mandatory overtime.

Minimum Qualifications

Candidates must possess a valid Coast Guard Masters License with a valid US Coast Guard Master of Towing for inland waters on the NYS Canal waterway system with a minimum of 100 tons.

Contact information

Interested candidates should call (518-449-6003) or send their resume to    


Download Employment Application/Personal Information Record PDF 

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