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Employment Opportunities

Tug Captain

Appointment Type:Non-Competitive

Negotiation Unit:CSEA

Hourly Salary:$19.76 – 27.94


Minimum Qualifications:  
Candidates must possess a valid Coast Guard Masters License with a valid US Coast Guard Master of Towing for inland waters on the NYS Canal waterway system with a minimum of 100 tons.

The New York State Canal Corporation has a full-time, permanent vacancy for a Tug Captain position in our Waterford location. The Captain supervises the operation and maintenance of a steam or diesel tug; moves and places derrick boats, dredges, and scows in connection with canal maintenance operations; may be assigned ice breaking duties; supervises a crew and is responsible for their food and lodging.
This a 40 hour per week position that pays between $19.76 and 27.94 per hour. The incumbent must be available to work weekends and there is mandatory overtime.

Interested candidates who meet the minimum qualifications should send their resume to by the application deadline of January 5, 2018. Please include the position title, Tug Captain, in the subject line of your email to ensure receipt of your application.

phone: 518.449.6003

Download Employment Application/Personal Information Record PDF 

This application must be printed and mailed. Data will not transfer if this form is attached to an e-mail.